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Man gets 30 years for sexually abusing minors

Three of the four victims were younger than 12

A man was sentenced Tuesday to 30 years in prison with lifetime supervision and registration as a sex offender for rape and sodomy, according to the Jackson County District Attorney’s Office.

Dennis Logan Wilson, 36, pleaded guilty in Jackson County Circuit Court to several charges of sexual abuse against minors — three of whom were younger than 12 and a teen younger than 16.

A mother of one of the victims told Jackson County Circuit Court Judge Laura Cromwell that Wilson is “a manipulative, calculated predator-pedophile” who has “taken the innocence of many children, disrupted many families and should be held accountable for everything he has taken from others,” the D.A.’s office stated Wednesday in a release about the case.

Wilson gained access to youths by cultivating relationships with single mothers, police said.

Wilson claimed to be a veteran who had served in Kosovo and, while there, developed seizures caused by his seeing young girls being sexually assaulted when he and other service members broke into a house.

“His sexual abuse of these children came to light when a 3-year-old child disclosed to her babysitter Wilson was sexually touching her,” the D.A.’s office wrote.

An investigation by Oregon State Police uncovered three additional child victims, the release said.

Wilson was arrested in October of 2018 and had been held in the Jackson County Jail since then.

“The resolution of this case spared these children from having to appear in court and testify regarding the abuse in the presence of Wilson and was approved by all of the families involved,” the D.A.’s wrote.

Another inmate being held in jail reported to police that Wilson had offered him $20,000 to murder witnesses who would provide information against him. Wilson had given the inmate a letter with descriptions and details of the victims and their families.

Another inmate said he was approached by Wilson to murder witnesses who could testify against him in exchange for $30,000, OSP determined.

Wilson was indicted on six counts of solicitation of murder in June 2021, but prosecutors opted against pursuing the case. Paul Nicholas Schwartzkopf, 39, one of the inmates who accused Wilson, died.

The other inmate who said Wilson asked him to murder witnesses, Joshua Wayne Bull, 34, was convicted of murder last week, which “diminished his credibility and willingness to cooperate with the state,” the D.A.’s office said.

Bull was sentenced Monday for second-degree murder and other charges stemming from the killing of Cody Joseph Baize, in January 2020.