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Restaurant inspections

Jackson County health inspectors evaluated 108 restaurants in

February. Inspectors subtract points from a perfect score of 100

for critical violations. A portion of scores appear weekly in the

Mail Tribune. The following restaurant scored below 70 points, failing its

semi-annual inspection: Chinese Gourmet Express, Rogue Valley Mall, Medford, failed its

Feb. 21 inspection, scoring 63 points. Critical violations

included raw and cooked chicken and egg rolls sitting out at

room temperature; employees failing to wash their hands as often

as necessary; dry goods containers blocking the handwashing

sink, which also had no hot water; employee drinks in improper

containers; and knives stored on a dirty magnetic strip. Health

inspectors also noted beef thawing in a sink of standing water;

food debris inside storage containers with broken lids; dry

storage containers soiled with raw food; and old rodent

droppings around soda-machine equipment. Logging its second consecutive failure, the restaurant was

placed on an increased inspection schedule and must pay

additional fees. After posting a sticker at its entrance

indicating failure to comply, the restaurant passed a

reinspection on March 1. However, inspectors still reported

that a restaurant refrigerator was keeping foods too warm, and

rodent droppings had not been cleaned up.The following restaurants received passing scores: u Helena's, Ashland - 92; u HOA Properties, LLC, Medford - 94; u Honey Baked Ham Co., Medford - 93; u Inti, Talent - 94; u Jack's Tally Ho, Talent - 87; u Jackson Creek Pizza Co., Jacksonville Highway, Medford - 89; u Jet Fuel Cafe & Lounge, Medford - 85; u Johnny B's, Medford - 83; u La Fiesta, Jacksonville - 86; u La Unica, Medford - 78; u Ling's, White City - 78; u Lithia Springs Inn, Ashland - 74; u Little Caesar's Pizza, Medford - 94; u Mario's Sandwiches, Phoenix - 99; u Ma's, Central Point - 94; u Mac's Rock & Rod Diner, Medford - 78; u McDonald's No. 14537, Crater Lake Highway, Medford - 82; u Medford Coffee Company, Medford - 93; u Mountain Resort at Hyatt Lake, Ashland - 85; u Muchas Gracias Mexican Food, Medford - 90; u Mustard Seed Cafe, Jacksonville - 97; u O'Ryan's Irish Pub, Ashland - 79; u Original Roadhouse Grill, Medford - 83; u Panda Garden, Ashland - 93; u Parkside Cafe, Medford - 85; u Pier 21, Medford - 89; u Pizza Hut No. 102017, Biddle Road, Medford - 88; u Railroaded Inc. (Porter's), Medford - 91; u Rogue River Cottage Cafe, Rogue River - 85.