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Restaurant Inspections

Jackson County health inspectors evaluated 113 restaurants in September. One restaurant failed its semiannual inspections, and 16 received perfect scores of 100. All scores are reported in the Mail Tribune, with a portion published weekly.

Geppetto's and Beau Club, Ashland, failed its semiannual inspection on Sept. 2, scoring 57 points.

Critical violations included: tofu, ham, pasta and melon holding at unsafe temperatures for approximately four hours; pasta and minestrone soup not consumed or discarded within the required time period; workers handling soiled utensils and then clean ones without washing their hands; wiping clothes prepared with the inappropriate amount of chemical sanitizer; and an excessive number of flies.

Health inspectors also noted a lack of test strips for sanitizing solutions; standing water in the reach-in refrigerator; soiled refrigerator and microwave interiors; exposed light bulbs in the ice-machine room; rusted racks; scored cutting boards; damaged floors and a general lack of cleanliness, including grease dripping from the ventilation hood.

After posting a sticker at its entrance indicating failure to comply, the restaurant passed a reinspection on Sept. 8.

Inspectors, however, observed a critical violation of garlic-herb butter at an unsafe temperature and noted that the refrigerator and microwave interiors were still soiled; the hood still dripped grease; rusted racks, damaged floors and the exposed light bulb had not been replaced; and no sanitizer test strips had been stocked.

The following restaurants received perfect scores of 100:

  • All American Frozen Yogurt, Rogue Valley Mall, Medford;
  • Ashland Food & Friends Mealsite, Ashland;
  • Big Town Hero, Central Point;
  • Britt Festivals (beer and wine);
  • Butte Falls Cafe, Butte Falls;
  • C.G.R.T. Concessions, Medford;
  • Cinemark USA, White City;
  • Corner Club, Central Point;
  • Dairy Queen, West Main Street, Medford;
  • First Street Cafe, Phoenix;
  • Flamingo's, Phoenix;
  • Frosty Boy, Medford;
  • Holy Joe's, Medford;
  • Rogue Valley Java Girls, Medford;
  • Roxy Ann Lanes, Medford;
  • Starbucks Coffee No. 2865, Rogue Valley Mall, Medford.

Inspectors subtract points for critical violations, which include: foods held at improper temperatures, improperly cooled or reheated; not properly protected from contamination, from unapproved origins, unsafe, adulterated or not honestly presented; not date-marked or discarded upon expiration; raw animal foods improperly cooked; presence of rodents or insects; inadequate personal hygiene; failure to clean and sanitize food equipment; lack of an approved water system; toxic chemicals or cleansers not properly stored, used or labeled.

Restaurant scores are posted online at www.jacksoncounty.org and www.mailtribune.com.

Inspection files are open to the public at the division of environmental health, Jackson County Health and Human Services, 1005 E. Main St., Medford.