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Restaurant Inspections

Jackson County health inspectors evaluated 98 restaurants in March. All passed their semiannual inspections, and the following 18 received perfect scores of 100.

  • Ashland Food & Friends Mealsite, Ashland
  • Bad Ass Coffee II, Crater Lake Avenue, Medford
  • Big Town Hero, Central Point
  • Burger King, Crater Lake Highway, Medford
  • Carl's Jr., Biddle Road, Medford
  • CGRT Concessions, Medford
  • Cinemark USA, White City
  • Dairy Queen, West Main Street, Medford
  • Extreme Juice, Eagle Point
  • Mucho Gusto Mexican Kitchen, Medford
  • Phil's Frosty, Shady Cove
  • Prism Espresso Bar & Resale, Medford
  • Purple Parrot, Eagle Point
  • Purple Parrot No. 9, South Central Avenue, Medford
  • Quizno's, Delta Waters Road, Medford
  • Starbucks Coffee No. 2865, Rogue Valley Mall, Medford
  • Taco Bell No. 1683, Ashland
  • Tinseltown USA No. 254, Medford

The following restaurants received passing scores of 70 points or higher:

  • Abby's Legendary Pizza, Crater Lake Highway, Medford: 99
  • Abby's Legendary Pizza, White City: 95
  • Ali's Thai Kitchen, Medford: 99
  • All American Frozen Yogurt, Rogue Valley Mall, Medford: 98
  • Angelo's Pizza Parlor, Phoenix: 95
  • Animal House Coffee, White City: 88

Inspectors subtract points for critical violations, which include: foods maintained at improper temperatures, improperly cooled or reheated; not properly protected from contamination, from unapproved origins, unsafe, adulterated or not honestly presented; not date-marked or discarded upon expiration; raw animal foods improperly cooked; presence of rodents or insects; inadequate personal hygiene; failure to clean and sanitize food equipment; lack of an approved water system; toxic chemicals or cleansers not properly stored, used or labeled.

Restaurant scores are posted online at www.jacksoncounty.org and www.mailtribune.com/dining.

Inspection files are open to the public at the division of environmental health, Jackson County Health and Human Services, 1005 E. Main St., Medford.