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Lunch at The Point Pub and Grill

A contemporary menu, crisp modern surroundings and classic brick architecture all combine to form a fine impression at The Point Pub and Grill.

I arrived at the two-story brick building at 311 E. Pine St. in Central Point just after the lunch rush on a Friday.

Based on my first visit, I could recommend The Point on the merits of my server's performance alone. He offered lemon for my Diet Pepsi as soon as I sat down and ensured my beverage never went empty for the remainder of my visit.

I perused the menu just after being seated. My server asked if I'd been here before and gave me a couple thoughtful entree suggestions. I settled on the beer-battered Fish ($12) because he said it had been popular that day.

A short wait later the dish arrived with two large fillets, a serving of garlic fries, and containers of cocktail sauce and a creamy red remoulade. A large serving of coleslaw balanced out the inherent heaviness of the dish. I liked that the dressing was less-sweet than typical coleslaws, and the addition of chopped red onion added flavor.

The fish fillets had a texture that was more akin to tempura, and the batter seemed lighter than fish and chips dishes I've had elsewhere. Overall, I left The Point raving to my friends and ready to go again.

I wanted to get a second visit in to taste more menu items, and this time I brought a co-worker.

Considering the number of burgers I've immortalized in print in these few short months, I know I'm at risk of typecasting myself here, but I ordered The Point Burger ($12.50) primarily because I find burgers to be the blue jeans of entrees. They'll never be formal, but how they're dressed up or dressed down makes a statement.

With its avocado, bacon and jalapeno cream cheese spread, The Point Burger is a bistro burger that takes a some interesting risks without putting off the purist. Its core is the same as most great burgers — a juicy and savory ground beef patty that was particularly well-cooked. It's not the lightest item on the menu, but the cream cheese is flavorful without letting it get too heavy. I'd definitely order it again.

My co-worker ordered the chicken penne pasta ($13), which came with chicken, zucchini and sundried tomato in a cream sauce and served with garlic bread. As a fan of garlic, my co-worker thought the garlic flavor of the dish was strong the way he liked it, but suggested it may be too much for some. He gave me a taste, and to my palate, the flavors of parmesean, garlic and chili flakes worked well together.

It would be remiss of me to leave out an issue we faced during that second visit. A problem with kitchen equipment added about 20 minutes to the wait of our order. I didn't time it, but at one point another employee asked us "How was everything?" before we'd been served.

Our food finally arrived fresh and piping hot, and our server apologized for the wait and gave us an unsolicited discount for the inconvenience. Seeing how a business handles things when something goes south is just as important to me as how well they execute things the first time. I genuinely appreciated their efforts to keep us happy.

— Nick Morgan

The Point Burger comes with avocado, bacon and a jalapeno cream cheese spread. - Photo by Nick Morgan