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Letters, June 7

Trust the signs, dream big, have fun

Strolling my favorite pathway, I encountered a tall gentleman approaching from the opposite direction. As he neared, “would you like this?” His hands were enclosing something.

“What is it?”

He repeated the question. Trusting the rhythm and flow of the universe, I responded “OK.” Raising hands above his head ,he released flower petals in my direction. With the sun shining through the petals it was a magical, authentic moment of deep kindness.

I turned and he had continued down the pathway. Sometimes we meet angels unaware. “What’s your name?” I shouted.


Deborah Coleman


Jackson Country resolution

Jackson County commissioners passed a resolution opposing “the mandate” for mask wearing, social distancing, lockdown and other measures created to protect the residents of the county. Here we go with the lack of compassion, empathy and understanding that getting COVID-19 is far worse than having to wear a mask, social distance, and avoid large gatherings.

Their resolution states:

“WHEREAS, science has shown over the last year that the virus which causes COVID-19 is overwhelmingly survivable;” (emphasis added).

Let’s ignore that over 550,000 people have died from this disease in less than 18 months. Let’s ignore the fact that 11,823 citizens of Jackson County became ill with COVID-19 and 145 have died. This is out of a population of 223,240. Yes, 145 is not a big number, but say that to the families of the 145 people.

What are the commissioners doing to facilitate vaccinations? Are they putting a campaign together?

No, they are passing resolutions opposing mandates! And by the way, in their resolution they have a note that says:

Due to the existing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the need to promote physical distancing, the Jackson County Board of Commissioners is conducting meetings through electronic and telephonic means.

Bill Harris