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Since You Asked: Scooper rules also apply to horses

I understand that people are responsible for their animal's waste, and most people are pretty good about it. However, is there a different rule for horses? I never see equestrians pick up after their animals.

— Danny L., Medford

It's unclear whether you live within the city limits of Medford or unincorporated Medford. If you live inside the city limits, equestrians shouldn't be riding their horses on public streets or rights of way unless they are part of a parade or are pulling something behind the horses, let's say, like a carriage, said Medford police Sgt. Mark Bell.

But just for fun, let's say these equestrians were taking their horses out on a ride with a carriage.

City code requires that the carriage or vehicle that the horse is pulling be equipped with a device designed to catch droppings so that they don't fall on the ground, Bell said.

Out in the country, of course, anything goes.

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