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Details of the tentative Medford teachers' contract

Following are summaries of the main points of the tentative contract agreement between the Medford School District and the Medford Education Association:

Duration: Three-year contract through June 30, 2016.

School year: 190 days, with up to 177 instructional days.


  • First year — 1.9 percent cost of living (COLA) increase, 2.1 percent to restore four days, 6 percent temporary increase (one year only) to offset employee contribution to PERS pension.
  • Second year — 2.5 percent COLA, district picks up 6 percent employee contribution to PERS.
  • Third year — 3 percent COLA, district may add two days at the per-diem rate for each teacher.
  • Beginning in the first year, certain licensed specialists will be paid a base salary that is $6,000 higher than the regular salary schedule.

Health insurance:

  • First year — District pays 95 percent of premium cost, teacher pays 5 percent.
  • Second year — District pays 93 percent of premium cost, teacher pays 7 percent.
  • Third year — District pays 90 percent, teacher pays 10 percent. District agrees to make a one-time contribution of $250,000 to the insurance fund to buy down the contribution rate for employees in the third year. Successor agreement will remain at a 90/10 percent rate.

Prep time:

Preparation time preserved for teachers, with flexibility to adjust prep time during certain times of year, such as during student orientations, final exams or senior boards.

Special education:

The district will provide additional support when class caseloads exceed 35 at the elementary level or 40 at the secondary level. Special education staff will receive two extra contract days to complete case management duties.

Retirement benefits:

  • Option 1 — For teachers who qualify for early retirement and retire by June 30, 2014: May remain on the district health insurance policy for up to eight years or until Medicare-eligible. For each year worked beyond 2014, the benefit reduces by one year of insurance.
  • Option 2 — For teachers who qualify for early retirement and retire by June 30, 2015: May remain on the district health insurance policy for up to seven years or until Medicare-eligible. Benefit reduces by one year for each additional year worked.
  • Option 3 — For all teachers who qualify for the early retirement benefit after June 30, 2014: Receive $2,000 for each year of employment with the district up to maximum of $56,000 through June 30, 2014 upon separation from the district.

For more details, go to www.medford.k12.or.us. Scroll down to the "News category" and click on "Summary of the tentative agreement between the District and the Teachers Union."