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Oregon Green Expo set for July 3-5

The Oregon Green Expo will be at the Medford Armory, Friday, July 3 through Sunday, July 5.

"Green" is going mainstream and more people than ever in the history of this country want to be involved.

As the economy has dwindled, as individuals and communities wonder where their future lies, the Green Movement has infused a sense of hope and belief that there is something that they can control. The Oregon Green Expo: our mission is to create a large community green event and festival.

There will be opportunities for those who want to get involved in green and sustainable practices to learn how to get started, as well as presenting veteran green practitioners with some of the latest technologies, products and services available. This event will not merely be a "walk through" display of green products and services.

Highly knowledgeable and skilled speakers and panels will provide insight and information into the current and future state of creating a green and sustainable community. Green Expo visitors will learn about a range of topics from creating green jobs and businesses, to investing locally rather than globally, to things as simple as creating a community garden, weatherizing their homes, green remodeling and how and what to recycle.

And most importantly, how to connect with their community to collaborate and empower each other to not only survive, but thrive locally. Cultural events will create a festive atmosphere alongside the learning environment of the weekend.

The original sustainable people in Oregon, Native American Indians, will present not only their history of living off and with the land, they will present their rich stories, music and dances for the public. Other cultural music and foods will be available as well.

The Kidz Zone will offer fun and interesting green activities for children, a Green Teen booth, Local Organic Food activities and more!

Speakers & Panels

Some of the panels and speakers being offered:

Food Self-Sufficiency & Local Food Systems

Community, Student & Youth Action

Green Transportation & Electric Vehicles

Rogue Valley Sustainability — Mayor's Panel

Green-Building, Certification & Financing

Retrofitting, Remodeling & Green Incentives

Seed Saving, CSA's, Permaculture & Organic Agriculture

Health & Wellness Empowerment

Living Off-the-Grid, Renewable Energy & Micro-Utilities

Social Media for Organizing Local Communities

Creating Green Jobs & Businesses

Entrepreneurial Rogue Valley: Green Financing & Socially Responsible Investing

Sustainable Living Programs

Rogue Valley Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainable Forestry Practices & Restoration

Water Ecology & Reclamation

Conservation, Recycling & Saving Energy

Indigenous Rogue Valley

This large community green workshop & festival will take place on the peak summer weekend of July 4th while thousands of people have already gathered in celebration. This event will give people something positive to think about, look forward to, to get involved in and to learn about things that they can control.