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Ocean Outlook

BROOKINGS - The ocean was big and nasty Wednesday and forecasts are for the coast to face gale-force winds into Friday.

The seas are supposed to quell this weekend, yet the 10-foot swells forecast for the weekend make heading to the ocean a poor choice. Too bad, because fishing for black rockfish and lingcod near shore were excellent last week amid calm conditions.

The marine daily bag limit remains six fish (including rockfish, greenling and other marine species), two lingcod and 15 surfperch. Yelloweye rockfish and canary rockfish must be released. The minimum length for lingcod is 22 inches, for cabezon it is 16 inches and for greenling it is 10 inches.

Crabbing was very good off the south jetty.

For sport crabbers the minimum size for dungeness crab is 5¾ inches measured in a straight line across the back immediately in front of, but not including, the points.

PORT ORFORD - The ocean was high and conditions were poor for fishing Wednesday. Surf perch move farther away from shore amid heavy surf, and it often takes a few days after a storm for the perch to move close to shore.

COOS BAY - Crabbing and fishing are poor in the estuary and outside the jetties thanks to heavy winds and a raucous surf. The high and cold water flushed into the bay from this week's storms have severely dampened steelhead fishing, while crabbers are fighting intense winds. The forecast calls for much of the same through the weekend.

WINCHESTER BAY - Crabbing and bottomfishing turned poor amid high winds and poor water conditions.

COASTWIDE - The entire coast remains open for clamming. The daily limit for razor clams is the first 15 taken regardless of size or condition.

For more information on clamming check www.dfw.state.or.us/MRP/shellfish/.