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Geoffrey Marvin

Update: Cyber Attack

“Ukrainians! … All information about you has become public. Be afraid and expect worse. It’s your past, present and future.” This is what several Ukrainian gove...

Update: Omicron Spiking

We will be ringing in the new year with many Covid-19 infections and airport frustrations. But, life is what we make of it. There are good things to come in 202...


When Donald Trump was president, he put to use his business skills to organize "Operation Warp Speed" and rush the production of vaccines to market in a timelin...

Update: Pfizer Pill Approved

A new pill is now approved. Meanwhile, Trump followers disapprove of his decision to get a booster shot.

Update: High Profile Trials

3 high profile cases. 3 women in the spotlight. These are the cases so many people are taking interest in this week.

Life is SO Good: Comal Bar and Grill

Comal Bar and Grill offers some of the best food, drinks, and community service in the Rogue Valley. Flavio and Paola are making a difference and making amazing...