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New PAC slams government spending

State Rep. Sal Esquivel, R-Medford, has co-founded a new political-action group aimed at galvanizing local residents worried about government spending.

Taxpayers Union USA is a political action committee that will promote a fiscally conservative philosophy and push for government responsibility on the state and local level.

The group also has created Jefferson Political Action Committee, which will focus on specific candidates for the Legislature or other statewide offices.

So far, both groups have barely gotten off the ground. The Taxpayer Union is still in the process of launching all the features on its website, www.taxpayersunionusa.com.

To access the features of the website and receive a newsletter, the group is seeking a $25 annual membership fee.

The Jefferson PAC's website is www.jeffpac.com.

Jonathan Bilden, executive director for the political group, is the former chair for the Eagle Point School Board and he's on the ballot for the Eagle Point City Council.

The 28-year-old, who works for High Point Management, a consulting company that works with nonprofits, said the organization is not part of the tea party movement, but espouses a similar philosophy of fiscal restraint geared more toward Salem, as well as Jackson County and local cities.

"We are going to be keeping an eye on things that have happened in your community that are affected by government fiscal policy," he said.

The budget crisis facing Oregon is one of the main catalysts for the Taxpayers Union, he said.

Bilden said the website will help members write letters to the editor, as well as letters to legislators and other elected officials.

Besides Esquivel, the other founder of the political group is Bruce Hough, who founded ComNet Marketing Group in Medford.

Reach reporter Damian Mann at 541-776-4476, or e-mail dmann@mailtribune.com.