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Mocxygemba drops bid for Central Point council

CENTRAL POINT — Former City Councilman Walter Mocxygemba has withdrawn from November's council race.

His name still will be on the ballot because of election deadlines, but if a majority of votes are cast for the 59-year-old, his election will be null and void.

Mocxygemba announced this week he would be unable to run due to an injury that occurred to one of his family members.

The Grange Co-Op manager, who announced his withdrawal in a letter to the Mail Tribune, was unavailable for comment Friday. He had announced his candidacy last month.

Mocxygemba said he chose to enter the race after the City Council opted to extend a street fee approved in 2007 during his first stint in city government.

"I was on the Council when it went through, and that was supposed to give the City Council three years to figure something out," Mocxygemba said earlier this month.

"I really feel like some of the City Council has lost touch with the average working people in Central Point. I didn't know the fee was even up for renewal."

In his letter to the Mail Tribune, Mocxygemba urged citizens to "let your elected city officials know how you feel about ever-increasing fees or sunset fees that do not go away, attend city council meetings and let your voices be heard."

Jackson County Clerk Chris Walker said Mocxygemba's withdrawal came too late for his name to be removed from ballots, but "he is technically not a candidate. His name has been withdrawn from the race."

The deadline to file for the election was Aug. 24. Walker said candidates had until Aug. 27 to withdraw in order for their names to be removed from the ballot.

Buffy Pollock is a freelance writer living in Medford. E-mail her at buffypollock@juno.com.