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Local school, water, fire district filing deadlines near

Registered voters who want to help guide the Rogue Valley's school, fire and water districts for the next two to four years should find their way to the Jackson County Elections office, and fast.

On May 17, voters will be asked to fill more than 70 positions at some two dozen special districts and agencies around the region, and the official filing deadline is Thursday.

Elections Supervisor Donna Connor said voter turnout is typically about 30 percent, and each position usually garners a candidate or two.

"Most of them end up with at least one candidate, except maybe the water districts, which are tiny," Connor said.

To date, a handful of the races, including Eagle Point and Rogue River school districts, will pit an incumbent against a newcomer.

But by late Tuesday, no applications had been filed for nearly half the available positions.

Completed applications, with a $10 filing fee, will be accepted until 5 p.m. Thursday at the elections office in Medford, 1101 W. Main St. (second floor).

For details, call 541-774-6148.

Positions to be filled May 17 include:

  • Rogue Community College — three Jackson County board positions
  • Southern Oregon Education Service District — positions in Zone 9
  • Ashland School District 5 — two positions
  • Butte Falls School District 91 — two positions
  • Central Point School District 6 — two positions
  • Eagle Point School District 9 — two positions
  • Medford School District 549c — four positions
  • Phoenix-Talent School District 4 — three Talent-area positions; one in Phoenix
  • Pinehurst School District 94 — five positions
  • Prospect School District 59 — three positions
  • Rogue River School District 35 — three positions
  • Rogue Valley Transportation District — three positions
  • Applegate Rural Fire District 9 — three positions
  • Evans Valley Fire District 6 — four positions
  • Greensprings Rural Fire District — two positions
  • Jackson County Rural Fire District 3 — three positions
  • Jackson County Rural Fire District 4 — three positions
  • Jackson County Rural Fire District 5 — two positions
  • Lake Creek Rural Fire District — three positions
  • Medford Rural Fire District 2 — three positions
  • Prospect Rural Fire District — two positions
  • Rogue River Rural Fire District — two positions
  • Rogue Valley Sewer Services — three positions
  • Charlotte Anne Water District — three positions
  • Jacksonville Highway Water District — three positions