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Ward 3 Q&A: Don Libby

If elected, what would be your top priority while in office?

One of my biggest ones is, I believe, Medford police should have their officers equipped with body cameras, (where) they’re required to have them on during interaction with the public. Other multiple departments across the country have done this. And complaints have dropped dramatically. It helps the police officer against false accusations but it also helps the public with false accusations, as well.

Do you think recreational marijuana should be legalized? Should the city continue its ban on medical marijuana dispensaries?

I believe in full legalization. In my personal experience, I have worked a lot of cannabis events and I have worked at many bars. In my opinion, I can deal with a person who’s under the influence of marijuana better. I’m far less likely to see them in an anger mode versus with alcohol.

How should the city deal with homeless people who cause problems in the parks?

We deal with a lot of homeless people, and there have been a lot of problems. I have not put too much thought into that problem, so I couldn’t really give you an idea. On how to correct that, I don’t have enough information to give you an opinion.

How would you be different as a leader?

I think using social media. I want people to come to the (Facebook) page. They give me their problems, their concerns. We’re going to let other people on the council join in that discussion. That is how I want to connect. I really want to find an easy way to connect with people. I don’t think any other council member does this.

Don Libby