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5th District Q&A: Nick Card

What is your top priority if elected?

My top priority is to bring more jobs to Oregon and the Rogue Valley. ... If we can get more Oregonians employed, not only will that give Oregonians the ability to stay here in Oregon, but that will help increase our income tax revenue, allowing our state to fund much-needed services like education.

How do you plan to create jobs, especially in Southern Oregon?

I propose that we create a tax holiday for new high-tech startups that bring new, high-tech, high-income jobs to Oregon. The tax holiday can phase out over a certain income, or after a number of years, but I think it would be the much-needed spark to get entrepreneurs here. ... We would be able to compete against Seattle and Silicon Valley to attract new startups, which is the last piece to strengthening the economy and creating jobs in the Rogue Valley.

What role should the Legislature play if the GMO labeling measure passes?

If Measure 92 passes, the Legislature has a responsibility to ensure that any GMO labeling program really provides information to consumers and isn’t just another piece of boilerplate legalese on our foods’ labels. ... If Measure 92 isn’t carefully implemented, then we could see every piece of food we consume labeled, “This product is known to the state of Oregon to contain GMOs,” which wouldn’t be any better than no label at all.

What role should legislators play if marijuana is legalized?

It’s important that our Legislature look to Colorado and Washington to craft a recreational marijuana program that properly regulates and controls marijuana without creating loopholes that inundate our medical marijuana system, or provide workarounds to allow minors to get a hold of marijuana. ... A properly taxed and regulated recreational marijuana system can provide much needed revenue to the state only if the Legislature creates programs that will properly enforce those taxes and regulations.

Nick Card