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Jville Council Q&A: Brad Bennington

What is your top priority if elected?

My top priority is to work collaboratively with the body that is there. I won’t go there with an agenda. I’m there to hopefully add my part to the end result.

How would you fund notching of the reservoir dam? 

At this point I’m not privy to all the options. There may be grants and city money available. The main thing I would say about it is that it has been done responsibly.

If costs go higher than anticipated to update the city-owned courthouse for city offices, what would you propose?

Just because the money is available doesn’t mean the money will get spent. We need to make sure it’s the best use of that money. Whether you are a private contractor or a person with a house, it’s a really good idea that you make sure you have enough money without running out part-way through.

Brad Bennington