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Jville Council Q&A: Ted Trujillo

What is your top priority if elected?

I think getting in-depth with the city charter and any sort of revisions that may or may not need to be made. Ultimately, I think we would have some obvious revisions to the charter to make it friendlier for business owners, residents and the community.

How would you fund notching of the reservoir dam?

I would want to first and foremost verify all the studies both on the costs and actual safety concerns. Those would be the places to study before I would raise revenue.

If costs go higher than anticipated to update the city-owned courthouse for city offices, what would you propose?

It is a beautiful building that should be used either in the private sector or by the city. We’ll find out what it’s going to cost, then ... how to pay for it. I’d like to see the city utilize that space.

Ted Trujillo