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Voters pass Fire District 4 levy

SHADY COVE — With four full-time positions on the line, Fire District 4 officials were breathing a sigh of relief Tuesday night after returns showed apparent passage of a 99-cent levy.

In late results Tuesday night, the levy was passing 55 to 45 percent, with 673 people voting yes to 556 opposed.

"Going into this, we felt pretty good," District 4 Chief Rod Edwards. "Going door to door these last few weeks, we were always met with great support at the door of just about every household we went to.

"We felt confident, but we also understand that when voters get their ballots and open them up and start to realize the financial impact that not everyone will be able to support something like a levy. This was a huge win for us, and it feels good to know that most of our voters recognize that we provide a valuable service and want us to continue," Edwards said.

"It would have been absolutely devastating to return to one single career person on duty with volunteers — when available. That would not be a safe, effective or efficient way to provide emergency services and would not have provided the kind of service that the public expects when they call us for help."

With much-needed federal grant dollars set to expire at year's end, four firefighter/EMT positions would have gone away had the levy failed, Edwards said.