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Stormy 455, Yemeni victims 0

According to Professor Allan Lichtman, author of “The Case for Impeachment,” Trump’s “war on women is coming back to haunt him” (The Real News, July 28). But Lichtman does not mean the actual war against women and children now being waged in the greater Middle East and Africa; he refers to the vile president’s deeply misogynist attitudes and actions.

If anti-Trump activists among Democrats are genuinely concerned about a real war against women and children, why not protest his military support of Saudi Arabia’s attack on Yemen, where millions of women and children face starvation as a result of aggression by Washington’s fundamentalist, tyrannical ally? This U.S. military involvement violates the Constitution and the United Nations Charter, and is clear grounds for impeachment.

Will leading Democrats attempt to remove Trump from office on this issue? U.S. aid to the Saudi war began under Obama, but you won’t hear or read about Democratic outrage since he’s not Trump. Obama also brokered the largest weapons deals of any president since the Second World War, a record that Trump may beat. Where are the Indivisible or Resistance protests against Trump’s war policies, or Obama’s war and weapons record?

According to historian Vijay Prashad, Saudi Arabia is “conducting a ruthless war against this impoverished country. The U.N. recently said that Yemen has become the world’s ‘worst humanitarian crisis.’ Three quarters of the country’s population are in terrible straits, with hunger and disease rampant. Half of this population — over 11 million — are children.” The U.N. also stated that “almost all children in Yemen have been adversely” affected by the Saudi bombing (ZNET, July 28).

The media watchdog group FAIR published a one-year study of MSNBC segments on porn celebrity Stormy Daniels versus U.S. support of the Saudi attacks on Yemen. The final score: Stormy 455, Yemeni victims 0. Trump’s affair with Daniels and alleged hush money are not worthy of far greater media coverage than killing and displacing millions of women and children.

MSNBC’s obsessive-compulsive coverage of Daniels should also be contrasted with its virtual silence about the violence U.S. women face here at home. This involves staggering levels of rape and murder, as well as poverty and the lack of health care that afflict and kill the most vulnerable — poor women and their children. Have we seen any of these victims on MSNBC?

Over the past 10 years, two presidents have developed and implemented policies that have killed, maimed and displaced millions of people of the Middle East and Africa — mostly people of color and many of them women and children. Have anti-racist activists who were outraged about a local bookstore display of censored books mounted any protests against these conflicts?

Let’s face it: The war against women and children in Yemen is not worthy of Rachel Maddow’s time; she and MSNBC are too busy profiting from sensationalist stories about Trump’s private life, Putin and the Russians — with old-fashioned propaganda that was once called “yellow journalism,” reporting the news in an unprofessional or unethical manner. If the past is any guide, it should be abundantly clear that Democrats and their Resistance and Indivisible supporters would rather obsess about Trump’s relationship with a porno film celebrity than protest actual violence against women and children.

Every day, some 150 Yemeni children die of hunger and disease; these victims are worthy of more television segments than Stormy Daniels — far beyond the recent 2 1/2-minute report on the Saudi bombing of a bus that killed 40 school children. It was the first MSNBC coverage of U.S. involvement in that war in more than a year.

John Marciano lives in Talent.