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Yes on Youth Activities and Academics Levy

Ashland voters have a chance to have a positive impact on our community’s youth and our local schools. By voting to renew the Youth Activities and Academics Levy (Measure 15-197 ) on the Nov. 3 ballot, you can once again ensure that the Ashland School District can continue to provide an excellent, well-rounded education for all of our students. The funds raised by this levy go directly into the district’s general fund to support a wide variety of academic, extra-curricular and athletic programs.

The levy began as the Youth Activities Levy (YAL) in 1994, and transformed into the YAAL in 2007. Our wonderful community has supported the district for over 25 years by voting yes for youth education and programs. By saying yes to the YAAL again, you can continue a long history of supporting our local schools. This funding is even more critical now, given the dual impact of the ongoing pandemic and the recent fires. The funding is equitable, and supports every student.

By voting yes, you can help ensure the following:

Say Yes! to an educational experience that is rich in extra-curricular sports, activities, music and the arts.

Say Yes! to high graduation rates and percentage of graduating seniors attending post-secondary education.

Say Yes! to smaller class sizes and the support our students need to grow and learn.

Say Yes! to 85% of our high school students participating in some type of extra-curricular sport, activity or club.

Say Yes! to educating the whole child so that our students can grow up happy, healthy and secure.

Because this is a renewal of an existing levy at the same tax rate, it will not increase property taxes. By continuing this legacy of public school support, the extended Ashland community benefits by helping to build strong schools, which attract families, professionals and businesses to our community.

Let’s continue the tradition of supporting Ashland schools by renewing the YAAL for five more years. Please join us in saying yes to Measure 15-197.

Juli Di Chiro is chair of the Committee to Renew the Youth Activities and Academics Levy. She is a former superintendent of the Ashland School District and past president of the Rotary Club of Ashland.