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Public statement by the City Council and Mayor Stromberg

The senseless murder of Aidan Ellison has rightly drawn concern locally and well beyond our borders.

On behalf of the City Council, the city of Ashland and myself, I want to convey our collective sorrow for the loss of such a young and vibrant life in our community.

Regarding the racial components of this tragedy, we are assisting all law enforcement agencies to see this case pursued to the full extent of the law. We have requested, and are receiving, assistance from the FBI in this investigation.

We would like to recognize our first responders at Ashland Fire and Rescue for their efforts to save Aidan’s life after the attack and the Ashland Police Department for its continued efforts to assist the District Attorney’s Office in ensuring that this violent and tragic event is thoroughly investigated and prosecuted through our legal system.

The investigation continues, and law enforcement is utilizing all appropriate charges available to send a clear message that no part of this tragic event has any place in our local or global community.

As we wait for more information about this tragedy to come to light, we can honor Mr. Ellison’s life by refocusing on the critical importance of strong advocacy for and pursuit of social equity and racial justice within our community and throughout our society. If you have any information that can assist the Ashland Police Department and FBI in the investigation, please contact Chief Tighe O’Meara at 541-552-2142.

John Stromberg is mayor of Ashland. This statement was approved by all six Ashland City Council members and Police Chief Tighe O’Meara.