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Biologist says office was 'completely trashed'

PORTLAND — The Oregon standoff trial entered its second week with a fish biologist testifying that occupiers left her office at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge "completely trashed."

Linda Beck said she returned to the refuge in mid-February to find items that don't belong to her strewn about the office.

Prosecutors showed jurors photos of standoff leaders Ammon and Ryan Bundy using Beck's office as their own. Another photo showed black assault rifles in the office.

The Bundys and five co-defendants are charged with conspiring to impede federal employees such as Beck from doing their jobs at the refuge.

Under cross-examination, defense lawyer Marcus Mumford asked Beck if it's possible that FBI agents caused the mess She acknowledged the possibility.

Though she didn't go to the refuge during the 41-day standoff, Beck testified that she continued to work and get paid.