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No, there aren't that many Allegiant employees in Medford

I like to know how city plans on spending taxpayers' money so I took a look at the feasibility study for Medford's proposed events center. So far, it looks like the city is sticking to its plan. One of the things that took me be surprise was the list of top employers in Medford. Right behind Asante, Lithia Motors, Harry & David, and Rogue Valley Medical Center was Allegiant Air with 1,500 employees. That's kind of a stunner, is it even possible?

— Paul N., Medford

We know the airport is running at all-time highs, but 1,500 employees at a secondary airline in a small regional airport would spell financial disaster for any commercial airline.

Since the Chicago firm, HVS Convention, Sports & Entertainment Facilities Consulting, researching the matter is a short Uber-drive from one of the world's busiest airports, our guess is that 1,500 looked pretty routine.

The reality is that Allegiant might be 15 in Medford.

Allegiant Air, part of Allegiant Travel Co., is based in Las Vegas and has about 2,850 employees all told. The airline touches down in 117 cities.

Medford Airport Director Bern Case said Alaska Airlines, busiest carrier here, has 130 people paying for parking spots.

We looked at the study, which sourced the Medford of Chamber of Commerce for its numbers. Chamber CEO Brad Hicks said, member businesses update their own employment figures.

Needless to say, it might be nice to have 1,500 Allegiant employees handling calls and checking bags in Medford. But it's simply not the case.

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