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Mom and 3 kids could use clothes, shoes and a few gifts

Since regaining custody of her three children, this mother also reclaimed the life she had before drugs. Clothes, shoes and a few gifts for the kids would reaffirm her success.

Giving a troubled friend a place to stay tempted the Medford woman, now 33, to use methamphetamine. Addiction eventually stole her comfortable home, steady job and, finally, her son and two daughters. While the older children went to live with their father, the youngest, now 9, was placed in foster care.

The woman soon suspected that her daughter suffered abuse in foster care. But the mother’s concerns did nothing to change her daughter’s situation, said Emily Freeman, director of Kids Unlimited's Food for Thought Program.

Although believing that she was beyond help, the woman gained support at the Medford Gospel Mission and Narcotics Anonymous. As she found faith and hope in religion, she instituted healthy lifestyle habits, said Freeman.

The woman stayed her new course until disturbing behavior surfaced in her daughter’s foster father, said Freeman. Witnesses to his anger confirmed the mother’s complaints, and the girl soon returned home, said Freeman. The older children rejoined the family shortly afterward.

Nearly four years later, the mother attends college and still is overcome with emotion when sharing her story, said Freeman. For the holidays, she wants to give the oldest girl, 16, some makeup, hair accessories and anything girly or scented. She wears small shirts, size 3/4 pants and size 7½ shoes.

The 12-year-old boy loves Legos and video games for PlayStation 4. He could use a hooded sweatshirt and other size XL tops, size 14 jeans and size 7 shoes.

The youngest girl loves books and wishes for a Hatchimals Egg. She wears girls’ size 10 pants, size 10/12 tops and size 3 shoes.

To help, call Freeman at 541-774-3900, ext. 102.

Mom and 3 kids could use clothes, shoes and a few gifts