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Fake 'rape me' ad leads to citation

A fake Craigslist ad with a photo of a mother holding her 5-year-old child and the words "rape me" triggered a misdemeanor harassment citation against a White City woman.

According to Eagle Point police, a 28-year-old woman posted the "revenge" ad and revealed the address and phone number of a former friend and her child along with a number of other raunchy comments.

"It was pretty filthy," Eagle Point police Chief Vern Thompson said. "It was a revenge thing."

The woman who allegedly posted the ad was cited for harassment Wednesday and could face a $6,200 fine and jail time, Thompson said.

Thompson, who wouldn't identify the woman until the investigation is concluded, said she admitted that she had made the post and took it down.

The suspect had been fired from an adult foster care business run by Dennis and Kelli Samples of Eagle Point. The couple were alerted when she made the Craigslist post.

"She got angry and said those nasty things," Thompson said.

The ad, with a photo of Kelli Samples and her daughter on a couch, stated, "I'm 24 newly married and unhappy ... I work from home so I'm always here waiting to be pleased." Other, more lurid descriptions are also in the ad.

"To put a child onto Craigslist and to put the location to the world is just baffling," said 25-year-old Dennis Samples, who married Kelli in February and is the child's father.

Samples identified the woman who posted the ad as Sarah Marie King. He criticized the handling of the case by Eagle Point police, saying they were slow to respond and reluctant to properly handle the situation.

"The treatment my family has gotten from Eagle Point police is just mind-blowing," he said. "I've been treated poorly by Eagle Point police."

Kelli Samples posted King's name on Facebook. Several people made threatening comments about King, while others expressed concern for the Samples family.

On Facebook, Kelli Samples posted Thursday, "Sarah Marie King put my 5-year-old daughter in DANGER! She told people to come rape me and my daughter and gave out our address!! That is against the law!!!!"

Dennis Samples said King, who was his wife's best friend in the past, previously had worked for his wife at the adult care home. He said the relationship with King soured after she borrowed his pickup, and he told her not to allow her dogs in the truck.

But King did bring her dogs in the truck, and after he told her he wasn't happy about it, she became rude and ignored the couple, Dennis Samples said.

"My wife ended up terminating her," he said.

Thompson said he can understand some of the frustration expressed by the Samples family about the investigation.

"I'd be pretty upset, too, if I were the husband," he said.

Thompson said it took police some time to sort through details of the case, which he said were somewhat confusing.

Also, the suspect didn't have a phone, so it was difficult to contact her initially.

He said the first call about the ad came March 28, and the citation was written March 29.

On March 28, Thompson said only one officer was on duty and had to deal with a domestic violence call.

Eagle Point police contacted the suspect the next day, though Thompson said he understands that wasn't fast enough for the Samples family.

"We apologize for that, but we only had one person," he said.

Thompson said the investigation will continue and will be forwarded to the judicial system.

"It's up to the courts now," he said.

— Reach reporter Damian Mann at 541-776-4476 or dmann@mailtribune.com. Follow him on www.twitter.com/reporterdm.