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Man fined for dumping tires along Rogue

A Grants Pass man was fined more than $6,800 last week for allegedly hauling about 60 tires and dumping them along the Rogue River near the old Savage Rapids Dam site in January.

The state Department of Environmental Quality issued the civil fines last week against Kenneth Machado, according to agency records.

Machado allegedly was hired by a Grants Pass tire store to transport and dispose of eight cubic yards of old tires, according to agency documents.

Machado does not have a permit to transport used tires, and the location where he allegedly dumped them is not a permitted disposal site, DEQ stated.

Transporting the tires without a permit led to a $4,126 fine, while the actual dumping of the tires led to a $2,718 fine, according to DEQ.

Waste tires are considered possible threats to human health and the environment.

Improperly stored tires can accumulate rainwater and become home to mass mosquito hatches. They are also a fire threat, and they emit thick, noxious smoke deemed a health hazard when they burn. Stacked tires are also known to attract lightning, DEQ officials have said.

Oregon law allows anyone to possess up to 100 excess tires at any given property, provided they are stacked, covered and otherwise properly managed under state regulations.

Machado has until May 30 to appeal. He could not be reached for comment.

If he does not appeal, Machado has the opportunity to either pay the fine or embark on an environmental mitigation project, DEQ rules state.

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