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Project will improve safety and aesthetics

With spring soon to arrive, a project in Eagle Point to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety will be getting underway.

First up will be work to the city entrance at Linn Road to better define the entrance to town and improve access to businesses and schools. Public Works Director Robert Miller said the project would improve aesthetics and safety.

As part of the project, City Council decided in February to relocate some utilities underground.

Miller said a meeting would be held, likely this month, for the public to weigh in on final details for the Linn Road project, which is being funded by a combination of grant dollars and city funds.

“When you get to Linn Road, it really is one of our main entrances to the city, but the primary focus was to improve safety in the area because it is an area which accesses the high school,” Miller said.

“It’s an area that fits a lot of our targeted areas for improvements in that it leads to the heart of the downtown and connects everyone together. Linn Road is right across from Walmart, and you’ve got Carl’s and Black Rock Coffee and Ray’s.”

“One of the things that really cemented this project for us is there’s a sidewalk on only one side of the road," Miller said. "After the Walmart and other services went in across the road, more and more people began using it. Kids were already using it for school — there’s a bike lane on one side and a narrow bridge with no bike lane on either side,” he added.

“We also noticed people from the senior center on scooters. We realized it was a potentially hazardous situation.”

The project will include underground utility work, plantings, decorative lighting and, if funding is secured, an attractive archway that would declare “Gateway to the Lakes.”

Design work was done by Century West Engineering Corp. and Galbraith & Associates. Project costs will be available after final design approval.

Miller said the difference in the area will be impressive once the work is complete.

“The before and after will be an amazing contrast,” he said.

For more information, see www.cityofeaglepoint.org/331/Projects