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Free tire disposal event scheduled this week

Abandoned tyre in the open traps rain water, ground for mosquito breeding leading to dengue, malaria, zika infected fever

Several species of mosquitoes, including those known to carry the West Nile virus, have been found in the Rogue Valley. Many lay their eggs in artificial containers around homes and properties.

Tires can be the perfect breeding spot for mosquitoes, as they can be difficult to empty of water and are hard to dispose of.

Jackson County Vector Control District will host a free tire disposal event from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday, July 22 through Saturday, July 24, at 555 Mosquito Lane, Central Point.

“Eliminating breeding sources is the most important step in reducing mosquito numbers on your property,” Jackson County Vector Control District ecologist Andrew Partin said.

Other ideal breeding grounds are buckets, cans, birdbaths, wheelbarrows and any basin with even small amounts of standing water from rain or irrigation.

The event is for automobile tires only. Tires on the rim or over 34 inches tall will not be accepted. There is a 15-tire limit per resident and a 30-tire limit per vehicle. Tires cut in half or in pieces will not be accepted.

Attendees should bring an ID or utility statement with home address for verification of Jackson County residency.