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Drive-thru pet vaccinations offered Saturday

The Jackson County Animal Shelter will host a drive-thru pet vaccination event Saturday.

The Jackson County Animal Shelter will host a low-cost drive-thru vaccination clinic Saturday, Jan. 15, for dogs and cats.

Pet owners must call the shelter at 541-774-6654 by Friday to make an appointment, or reserve a spot by going online at fotas.org/vaccinations.

The shelter is located at 5595 S. Pacific Highway, between Phoenix and Talent. People must wear masks at the drive-thru clinic.

Pets that are sick, on antibiotics, in heat or on cortisone products can’t be vaccinated.

Vaccinations must be paid for in cash because the money goes to a veterinarian. Rabies shots are available for dogs and cats for $10 each. Distemper/parvo booster shots for dogs cost $15 each, and distemper/rhino/calici booster shots for cats cost $15 each.

All dogs 6 months and older are required by law to be vaccinated for rabies and licensed.

Dog licensing is also available at the drive-thru. Licensing fees can be paid for with cash, checks or debit/credit cards. Licensing fees for dogs vary based on whether a dog is being licensed for one year or three years, and there are discounts for people 61 and older, as well as for veterans.

When calling for an appointment, ask shelter staff about the licensing fee for your dog or dogs.