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Wolf attack on calf witnessed

Trail camera photo of an adult wolf with five pups photographed July 4, 2022 in the Upper Deschutes wildlife management unit in Klamath County. [ODFW photo]

A calf seen being attacked by two wolves in the Winter Rim area of Lake County was later found dead.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said that on the morning of Sunday, Aug. 14, a motorist who saw a calf being attacked scared away the wolves.

Later that day a livestock producer found the dead, 500-pound, 5-month-old calf on a public land grazing allotment.

An investigation found bite scrapes measuring up to 3 inches long and a quarter-inch wide at both elbows and on both hind legs above the hocks, with associated tissue damage up to 4 inches deep. According to the report, the wounds confirmed the motorist’s account of a wolf attack.

The depredation was attributed to the wolves known as LAS13 and OR115. That Area of Known Wolf Activity, or AKWA, runs east of Fort Klamath past Beatty, and north of Chemult south toward Klamath Falls. The Upper Deschutes AWKA in Deschutes County was added earlier this year in July.