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Wolf OR-103 blamed for another cattle kill

In this Feb. 2021, file photo, released by California Department of Fish and Wildlife, gray wolf OR-93 is seen near Yosemite National Park, Calif.

A cattle death caused by a wolf near Doak Mountain in Klamath County this week is being blamed on a gray wolf known as OR-103, the third attack pinned on the wolf this month.

In a case investigated Wednesday, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said the previous evening staff from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Service found the carcass of an approximately 250-pound, two-month-old calf in a 36,000-acre private pasture. It was estimated the calf died about 36 hours before the investigation.

The severity, size and locations of the animal’s wounds were consistent with injuries caused by wolves, ODFW reported.

The kill was attributed to OR-103, a wolf described by ODFW as an adult male that was captured and fitted with a GPS radio collar southeast of Bend in February 2021. It later dispersed into Northern California and remained there until returning to Klamath County in July.

OR-103 has been blamed for two other cattle deaths in the Doak Mountain area this month. Both of those incidents happened in mid-August on the same private land allotment. Doak Mountain is about 15 miles north of Klamath Falls along Highway 140.