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Podcast: Happiness in Progress — When it rains, it pours

"The one attitude I've tried to change is focusing on giving yourself the moments with your children. You can't just assume you'll have time for it one day."

Today I’m talking to Dr. Tali Lando in a very candid conversation about breast cancer.

Dr. Lando is a full-time pediatric ENT surgeon. She is also a breast cancer survivor. But the year she was diagnosed with cancer was anything but easy. Months before, she delivered her third daughter, a little preemie. Then her dad was diagnosed with brain cancer. And finally her own advanced breast cancer diagnosis.

She recently published a book about her experience called “Hell and Back: Wife and Mother, Doctor and Patient, Dragon Slayer.”

We talk about what it was like being a doctor who was suddenly a vulnerable patient. In this honest conversation she talks about her relationship with her body, living in the moment and what she learned from her experience.

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