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Podcast: Happiness in Progress - Chasing the Dream

"When I thought I was going to die I didn’t think about money, I didn’t think about these companies. I literally just thought about happiness." - Burke Laidler

Burke Laidler is a musician and the vocalist for his band 'Ofi.' This year, lost in the middle of nowhere he made some big decisions - including to live a more authentic life by pursuing music and divorcing his wife.

We talk about both of those things, the fear that comes with walking away from a life of comfort that’s not necessarily happy.

We also chat about making the life you want out of a rough childhood and his powerful, meaningful music.

One of the reasons I wanted to share this episode now - is because the holidays can be tough. It’s really easy to question your worth and life on this earth around this time of year.

Many years ago, Burke wanted to take his own life. You’ll hear what he did and how grateful he is to have gotten a second chance.

"I have a brand new canvas and all the paint in the world. I get to paint whatever makes me happy."