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Podcast: Advocating between chemo treatments

"If i just did this individually, privately, quietly - I would lose the opportunity to have someone learn from my experience." - Rebecca Cressman

Rebecca is a radio host of FM 100.3’s midday show in Salt Lake City, Utah. Rebecca is an Emmy-nominated former TV host and continues to guest-host television programming in Salt Lake City. She is the mom of three and a loving wife.

Most recently, Rebecca has become a cancer patient. She was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months ago. Between chemo treatments, she came on the podcast to talk about her perspective on life, her thoughts about mortality and insights on losing her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother to the same disease she is now fighting. She also talked about why it’s so important for her to continue to advocate for breast cancer patients and mammograms.

This is an incredible episode packed with perspective, unmatched love for others and why although pink covers the month of October - there is education that needs to be shared.