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Podcast: A place for grief and joy

"Grief is hard, but it's not bad. It's part of our process. We have to have it in order to get through that sorrow. It's just something that has to be faced.

Otherwise, if we push it away - it's just going to eat us up. It's not going to yield anything good for us if we don't face it." - Treva Kuyper Runyan

Today's guest is Treva Kuyper Runyan. She is the founder of Not Just a Widow, where she works to gather widows together online and in person to find friendship and comradery. She was the director of the The Loft for teen girls for 8 years. She's also a children's muralist.

In this conversation, we talked about Treva's late husband - what it was like losing him and continuing to be a mom in grief. She had a lot of ideas about how you can stand with your friends who are dealing with intense grief. She talks about how to find hope and joy again and how she's had two loves in her life.