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Podcast: Thriving in uncertainty

"When we look at this and go 'Well, that's not what I wanted to have happen. Well, that's not how I wanted this to go. I really wanted to - whatever it was...' The more time I'm distracted by it and think about it, the more time I spend mourning it. If I open my hand and let it go... and ask the question 'What is the new opportunity?' - Michelle Pierson Young

In a time of uncertainty, for many of us it might feel impossible to find opportunity and a chance to thrive in the unknown but today you'll learn some tangible tools to look for opportunity, reframe our mindsets about this pandemic and tools on processing our emotions.

Michelle Pierson Young works in the personal development arena as a presenter, teacher and coach. She is certified in several coaching programs. Since the pandemic started, she created a workshop called 'Apocalypse Mastery.' It's designed to help us thrive during these uncertain times.

We talk about:

- How to experience growth when our plans for growth have been dissolved

- Dealing with anxiety

- Processing our emotions

- How fear isn't a bad thing

- Finding new opportunity



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