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Podcast: The Not To-Do List

"Rarely was I focused on the quality rather than the quantity because I was trying to make the most people happy, trying to say 'yes' to as many things as possible - overextending myself, overextending my family. My poor family didn’t get the best of me. They got the last little chopped up slivers that were left over. By allowing myself to focus on those few things, the quality for sure is much better." - Alana Dawson

Alana Dawson is a growth podcast coach and the host of The Podcasting Party podcast. She is a military spouse, mama to two daughters & one French bulldog.

In this conversation, Danielle Craig and Alana talk about the medical emergency Alana had that forced her to change her life.

You'll also hear:

- How the "Not To-Do" list was born

- How exactly it works & how you can set one up yourself

- How it helps prioritizing your life and reduces the mental load

- And what life looks like when your drop being overwhelmed for focused priorities