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Podcast: Setting boundaries around politics

"Setting boundaries feels different but it should feel different because you’re protecting yourself." - Cassandra Rowe

This November, between an emotionally-charged Election Day and Thanksgiving, it might be tough when it comes to navigating relationships.

That's why Danielle wanted to have The Boundaries Therapist on the podcast to help equip us with tools.

Cassandra Rowe is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and LPC clinical supervisor (LPC-S). She has worked as a student support counselor (crisis counselor) and is the owner of Epiphany Counseling Services, LLC.

In this conversation, Danielle and Cassandra talk about setting boundaries around politics and at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

You'll also hear:

- how to determine your own boundaries

- what to do on Election Day and in the following weeks to protect yourself

- how to give yourself time to process