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Podcast: Five lessons from 150 episodes of Happiness In Progress

Today we are ringing in a big milestone - 150 episodes of Happiness in Progress!

In today's episode, Danielle Craig will look back at five lessons from five of her guests over the last three years.

This episode is packed with meaningful thoughts about life, how we view ourselves and others and our soul's journey. You'll also hear about how a woman who lost her daughter in the Sandy Hook shooting was able to forgive the shooter. Plus, how we will all experience loss throughout our lives.

You'll hear clips from the following episodes.

#124 Ending Suffering During a Crisis feat. Preethaji

#02 Healing After Sandy Hook feat. Alissa Parker

#114 A Place for Grief & Joy feat. Treva Kuyper Runyan

#79 Spiritual Transformation feat. David Ghiyam

#145 The Money Mindset You Need feat. Latasha Kinnard