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Podcast: The root cause of stress

"The universe is calling on you to break the cycle of intergenerational trauma that didn’t even start with you." - Dr. Nima Rahmany

In this fascinating episode, Danielle Craig talks with Dr. Nima Rahmany about the root cause of stress and where stress originates. Dr. Rahmany believes it is the result of intergenerational trauma. Danielle asks about dealing with stressful situations within a situation like the pandemic. You have to hear what Dr. Rahmany says about that as he explains yes, even the pandemic is bringing up stress tied to intergenerational traumas.

Dr. Rahmany is a Chiropractor turned 'Edutainer.' He is the creator of The Overview Method (TM) and The Trigger Proof Show. He has helped countless people who are stuck in toxic relationships, career limbo, and emotional trauma.

In this episode you'll hear about:

- Intergenerational Trauma

- How to break the cycle

- How to become trigger proof

- The difference between someone dealing with a stressful situation who has addressed intergenerational trauma and someone who has not