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Podcast: Living the dream and nightmare

"I wish we didn’t have to go through [horrible, hard things] and we could be like I know what I want and wouldn’t need to have this huge horrible experience to be reminded of it." - Stefanie Grassley

Today's guest is a survivor. Stefanie Grassley was living the dream after purchasing a beautiful Italian castle with her husband. Within the first year as owners, she was involved in a horrific explosion that caught her on fire.

In today's episode, she will share what was going on in her mind when this happened. She also shares what some of the hardest parts of recovery were and where she has found strength in the darkest days.

We also talk about the last Facebook post she posted before her accident - about how she was grateful for hard experiences. She explains what she thinks about that today.

Of course, a castle event venue has struggled during the global shutdown. Feel free to support them as they've switched gears to sell organic goods from their beautiful property. The link is below.