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Podcast: Finding your passion and purpose in life

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"You don’t have to join a non-profit or become a monk to have a purpose. That’s a lie we’ve been told about success by very powerful institutions so we could be cogs in their wheel. Everyone has a purpose. Everyone." - Mory Fontanez

Mory Fontanez is a purpose coach and the CEO/founder of 822 Group. After a successful career in corporate America, Mory realized many leaders were leading without a purpose. Instead, they were operating out of fear and scarcity.

Now she teaches leaders how to align with their purpose to bring more connection, empathy and social good into the equation.

In this conversation, we talk about how to find your purpose, what happens when we operate outside of our purpose and why so many people are unintentionally inauthentic.

You'll also hear:

- how you can be authentic to yourself

- how to listen to your intuition

- how to create boundaries to allow people to feel uncomfortable without taking it on ourselves

- so much more!