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Podcast: The pull of something more

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"Listen to [the pull of something more]. If you push it away and tamp it down, you might not feel the pull. It might go away. You might become so immune to the pull of it and pushing it down that you don't feel it anymore. But I think recognizing it, feeling it and listening to it, and not being afraid to go toward it...that is where the adventure is." - Camille Andros

Camille is a children's book author and a mother of six. Her newest book, “The Boy and the Sea,” just released.

She felt the pull of something more as her youngest child turned one. In this conversation, Camille talks about what it was like to jump into the world of children's book publishing, even though it was not part of her original plan.

In this conversation you'll hear:

- What it was like for Camille to walk down the path of the unknown.

- How to hear and lean into the pull of something more

- How to move confidently forward

- Learning to sit with the 'not knowing'