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Podcast: Building strong bonds with your kids

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"She’s been the one to say go after your dreams. What you pour into your children, they turn back and pour it into you as well." - Lisa Lee Arneaud

Today you get to hear from award-winning TV broadcaster and reporter, Lisa Lee Arneaud. She is the host of “Taste the Islands,“ streaming on Amazon Prime TV. She is also the host of ”School Duel“ and was featured as Miami's Top 40 under 40 Leaders of Tomorrow in Legacy Magazine.

Most recently she launched The LA | PR FIRM.

While she has done all of these amazing things with her career, today we focus on another title — motherhood.

Lisa Lee is a mother of three.

In this episode she talks about how she truly enjoys her children, how she's built strong, trusting bonds with them and why she lets them have their own social media accounts.

We also talk about what it was like growing up as a first-generation American and how she chooses diversity for her children.