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Happiness in Progress: Lessons About Life Learned from Death feat. Chris Meyer

Happiness in Progress by Danielle Craig

"It [life] changes and it can change on a dime. I see it everyday. Whether it's a young man in a motorcycle accident, whether it’s a baby from SIDS. It changes on a dime." — Chris Meyer

Chris is the author of several books including “Life in 20 Lessons: What a Funeral Guy Discovered About Life From Death.”

Chris is a funeral home owner.

He also created www.funandmoving.com, the world’s largest low-impact exercise and rehab platform for people just starting out in their exercise journey.

He is also the father of three and says, like his Opa before him, he simply believes in family above all.

In this episode we talk about some of the most meaningful lessons Chris has learned working in the funeral industry. He explains why family and time are the most important things in this life.

We also talk about:

  • What one question can focus your attention in this life
  • What he's learned about possessions after we die
  • how he lost $7,000 out of kindness
  • the poignant lesson he learned about race after death
  • and much more