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Hunting Outlook

JACKSON/JOSEPHINE - The youth deer and elk hunts are open through Dec. 31. Blacktail numbers are up locally, as are buck numbers. Look for deer in lower-elevation areas, especially around oak savannahs and brushy fields.

Youth elk hunters can expect decent success, with elk congregating on lower elevations. Most elk now, however, are on private lands and hunters are encouraged to check with landowners in the preseason for hunting access.

Bear hunting throughout Southern Oregon has slowed. Bears should be foraging heavily before winter sets in. Hunters need to locate food sources such as acorns, green grasses and grubs. The season closes Dec. 31.

Turkey hunting remains somewhat slow as storm fronts continue to keep the birds quiet.

Either sex can be hunted in the fall. Turkey tags remain available on a first-come first-serve basis for those looking to put a late-season bird on the Christmas dinner table.

DOUGLAS - Blue grouse success is best in mid to high elevations of the Cascades in partly open conifer stands.

Ruffed grouse can be found near creeks mostly at mid elevations of both the Cascades and Coast ranges.

Success is best in the lower elevation agricultural lands for California quail and mid-elevations of the Cascades and Coast Range near brushy clear cuts on secondary forest roads for mountain quail.

KLAMATH - Goose hunting reopens Friday in Klamath County. On Lower Klamath Refuge duck hunting in grain fields has been fair. Unit 7A and Unit 11B are open to field hunting this year. Duck hunting in Lower Klamath marshes has been fair in recent days with ice in most units.