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Hunting Outlook

GENERAL - With many big-game seasons closed, this is a good time of year to target small game like rabbits. Rabbits are found statewide and are often encountered when hunting upland game birds. Rabbit hunting in Western Oregon is especially challenging because of the dense cover. Try moving slowly along closed roads in the forest very early in the morning. In Eastern Oregon, cottontails often are found in areas with low rocky rims or rock piles used for escape cover. East and west, rabbit hunting is often more productive when snow reveals areas of activity.

JACKSON/JOSEPHINE - Turkey and bear seasons are closed.

The youth deer and elk hunts are closed. Other than a few isolated damage hunts, deer and elk hunting is all but over.

Late-season blue and ruffed grouse hunting is open, but hunters must get a 2008 hunting license to participate. Grouse season runs through January.

Local waterfowl hunting has been fair, with a few birds taken on flooded areas of the Denman Wildlife Area. Icy mornings have hampered success.

DOUGLAS - Blue grouse success is best in mid to high elevations of the Cascades in partly open conifer stands. Ruffed grouse can be found near creeks, mostly at mid elevations of both the Cascades and Coast ranges. Success is best in the lower-elevation agricultural lands for California quail, and at mid elevations of the Cascades and Coast ranges near brushy clear-cuts on secondary forest roads for mountain quail.

KLAMATH - The mountain quail season has closed. On Lower Klamath Refuge, duck hunting in grain fields has been fair. Unit 7A and Unit 11B are open to field hunting this year. Duck hunting in Lower Klamath marshes has been fair in recent days with ice up in most units.

UMPQUA - Duck and goose hunting in Douglas County should be very good this month because of excellent local production and good migratory numbers this year. Nearly all waterfowl hunting in the Umpqua Valley is on private property and hunters should obtain landowner permission before hunting. The waterfowl season ends Jan. 27.

Crow season is open and birds are abundant throughout the valley floor. Crow season closes Jan. 31.

UMATILLA - Chukar hunting is closed in Umatilla County, but chukar hunting remains open throughout the rest of Eastern Oregon. Success has been fair. California and mountain quail seasons have closed.