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Hunting Outlook

JACKSON/JOSEPHINE - Youth deer and elk hunts began this weekend, and recent snows should prove a boon for young hunters learning to track deer and elk. Most of the action will be on private lands at lower elevation. Tag-holders should seek private lands where they can help alleviate crop damage for ranchers and farmers.

Waterfowl hunting has improved at Denman Wildlife Area as storms draw migratory birds and move local birds. The Hall tract will be open for hunting Saturdays, Sundays, Wednesdays throughout the season, but it is open today for a Christmas bird hunt. All other tracts on the Wildlife Area will be open everyday through the season.

Bear hunters have until New Year's Eve to fill their tags. Snow should help tracking here, where few bruins actually hibernate. They should be visible around Manzanita berries or foraging for grubs.

Geese remain thick along the Rogue River corridor and open grain fields. Be cognizant of riverside residents and other boaters when shooting geese from driftboats. Most fields are private land, and hunters need to seek permission.

Fall turkey hunting has been slow. Hunters have one week left in their season. Pheasant season is over.

DOUGLAS - Late-season turkey hunting has slowed because of bad weather. The birds have been very quiet recently.

Youth deer and elk hunters should find good success at low-elevation areas, with good tracking conditions in the snow.

COOS - Waterfowl are concentrated on mud flats and hunting for them has been very good throughout Coos Bay around Charleston.

KLAMATH - Frozen water conditions have slowed duck hunting, with birds leaving the area en masse. Late-season grouse hunting is good along creek beds now that the leaf drop has finished.

LAKE - Waterfowl have moved out of the area because of frozen water conditions.

HARNEY - Waterfowl hunting on Malheur National Wildlife Refuge is slow. Frozen water is pushing birds south.

SUMMER LAKE - Effort is down about 45 percent from the same week last year, but success has been fair around open water.