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Inner Peace: Old World meets New Age

When one is asked their faith these days, there may be some who say, "I'm not religious, but I'm metaphysical." If you meet someone who is also metaphysical, then it's a major high-five and an instant connection. If, however, you meet someone who resides in the realm of conservative religious thinking, then it may be the drum roll of the eyes with the inward thought, “Oh no, another nut!”

It is a sad misfortune for many who do not take the time to investigate what "metaphysical" means and how it has been applied throughout history. The word “metaphysics” derives from the Greek words "meta," meaning beyond and "physics," meaning nature (the study of matter). Therefore, in simple context, "metaphysical" means the study of the unseen and, if addressed spiritually, it is also the belief in unseen powers. Metaphysics is not a religion, it is a philosophical approach and/or belief system that supports certain assumptions proven or otherwise and may easily co-exist with any form of spiritual or scientific thinking.

Metaphysical philosophy is greatly enhanced when “both branches” of metaphysics, that of "ontology," the investigation into the basic categories of being, and "cosmology," the study of the origin of the universe, are intertwined. This is where “belief and science” do a happy dance together! There is no separation, we are all one and it's the excitement of belief coupled with scientific discovery that is unraveling the mysteries of the Creator's universe helping us to advance spiritually or know the reality of our own “truth” and how we co-exist within the larger equation.

At the turn of the 20th Century, Paramhansa Yogananda, an Indian yogi, came to the United States to teach us how Oriental and Occidental spiritual philosophies intertwine, often supporting his teachings through scientific evidence. During this same time period, Einstein presented his Theory of General Relativity, often bringing God into his commentary, that laid the foundation for quantum physics, a science that continues to work on a Unified Field Theory —  how existence, at or beyond the sub-atomic level, is a state of oneness. Yogananda's teachings stressed the awareness of an “inner light” that is beyond the physical — that is, the life force of all life, while Einstein was confirming that everything is “light,” both seen and unseen. Ah! Ontology and cosmology, dancing together.

As the 21st Century has unfolded, we are seeing a phenomena of spiritual books written about personal experiences that took individuals into higher dimensions of awareness beyond the physical, some of whom are medical doctors and scientists ("My Stroke Of Insight" by Jill Bolte-Taylor, Ph.D., neuroanatomy: “When my left (brain) language centers were silenced, I shifted from the doing-consciousness to the right brain of being-consciousness – from feeling solid, to a perception of myself as fluid. I was simply a being of light radiating life into the world at one with the universe”).

Simultaneously, a split has occurred in the scientific world in which a new breed of scientists that I call “meta-scientists” are realizing that spirituality and science do, in fact, go hand-in-hand. As a result, metaphysics, due to the respect meta-scientists have given to the overtone of spirituality, has taken on a mantle of respected authority. ("The God Theory" by Bernard Haisch, Ph.D., astrophysics: “In metaphysical terms, there exists a background sea of quantum light that makes matter seemingly solid, stable stuff of which we and our world are made. In other words, we are an illusion produced by a primary ray of light which, when condensed multiple times, suggests solidity.”)

Metaphysics in the 21st century acknowledges that the enlightened age of science is now supporting what spiritual teachers have taught for thousands of years. Physical reality is but the tip of the iceberg of our total reality, leading us into those fascinating questions: “If we are light what is this light? How does consciousness play into this light? Is consciousness and thought the same? If not, what is thought? Is there a power behind thought?” Oh, what a wondrous world we live in and profound journey we travel!

Book suggestion: "What The Bleep Do We Know" by Arntz, Chasse and Vicente.

Auri Anna, spiritual mystic and metaphysical teacher, holds a bachelor of arts with honors degree in education and master of arts degree in music. After a life-altering experience, she now dedicates her life to serving others through teaching and spiritual psychic readings. For more, go to auriannamysticchanneler.com.